Stewart Sloan

Tai Po, Hong Kong


Stewart Sloan was born in England of Scots Irish parents and with the exception of a year and a half spent in Scotland has lived all his life in Hong Kong. Stewart has always been fascinated by the horror genre and started writing ghost stories in secondary school, a past time that did not endear him to his teachers. His first short story, »The Last Passenger«, was published by a local life-style magazine in 1989 and his first novel, »The Sorceress«, in 1994. Since then he has gone on to publish »The Isle of the Rat«, »May the Force be with You«, »Tales of the Visayas« and »Eastern Horrors«, a collection of his short stories. Between 1996 and 97 he co-authored »Temutma«, with R.J. Bradley. It was originally published by Asia 2000 in 1998.

Stewart lives in the Tai Po area of Hong Kong with his wife Airyn and two cats, Biscuit and her daughter, Mollie. He teaches creative writing and English grammar to primary and secondary school students and also works with less privileged children. He is currently working on a novella entitled »The Darkness in the Tree«. 

In his spare time Stewart enjoys hiking and at one time or another has done most of the trails around Hong Kong, the New Territories and Lantau Island. Lantau was the setting for »The Sorceress«, where Stewart spent much of his childhood. Sadly, most of the places in which he set the story no longer exist.

Stewart Sloan


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