Rebecca Bradley

Castlegar, British Columbia


Rebecca Bradley was born in Vancouver, and showed early signs of a serious lifelong addiction to both reading and writing. She studied archaeology, eventually gaining a PhD from Cambridge; but, as well as working as archaeologist in Egypt and the Sudan, she has put in time as a housewife in Northern Ireland, a technical editor in Kuwait, a desktop publisher in Hong Kong, a teacher of archaeology and creative writing in Calgary and Berlin, and a writer in all those places.

Since 2010, Rebecca has lived happily on an acreage in Ootischenia, in British Columbia’s outrageously beautiful Kootenays, with cats, chickens, and wildlife, including a husband.  Publications include four and a half novels (one of them being a collaboration with Stewart Sloan), three volumes of short fiction, and a number of short stories and creative nonfiction in anthologies and on the CBC.

As an atheist and skeptic, Rebecca currently writes a blog for the Skeptic Ink Network on topics of  cultural commentary, religion from an apostate’s standpoint, and critique of pseudoarchaeological and other nonsense. On the other hand, she has always had a lively appreciation of the fantastical and terrifying, and takes pleasure in suspending her disbelief when fiction is involved.

Rebecca B.



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