Real soon now

William Kowalski: Crypt CityWe’re preparing the German version of William Kowalski’s first mystery novel, »[az_highlight mode=”color-text”]Crypt City[/az_highlight]«.  In two weeks his »The Hundred Hearts« will be published in Germany by Bastei Lübbe Verlag under the title »Hundert Herzen«.

Reviewers on say »[az_highlight mode=”color-text”]Crypt City[/az_highlight]« is an “most unusual book. I greatly enjoyed the writing, the style, characterization and the unexpected turns in the plot. Highly recommend” and “The entire concept of this book and it’s unlikely protagonist makes Crypt City a worthy read. But more often than I could count, Bill Kowalski’s prose delights in truly surprising ways. Its wit is exceptional and the under-stated grit notable. Highly entertaining. The stage is set for more to come.”

German publication of »[az_highlight mode=”color-text”]Crypt City[/az_highlight]« is scheduled for first half of 2016.


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