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Today the German version of William Kowalski‘s award winning novel »The Hundred Hearts« hit digital (Bastei Entertainment, € 8.49, ISBN 978-3-404-17323-5) and old school (Bastei Lübbe paperback € 9.99, ISBN: 978-3-7325-1499-1) book stores!

Kowalski about his novel: ”The Hundred Hearts is not  a political book.  It’s intended to provide an objective look at how war affects us as a society by examining how it affects one fictitious American family.  It took me eight years and countless drafts to get it the way I wanted it.  The best comments I’ve received have been from veterans and those who suffer from PTSD, saying that I got it right.  I prefer not to say too much more about it here — I’d rather let the book speak for itself.”

»If you ever wondered how the war in Afghanistan (or any war for that matter) changes young men, then read this novel.«
5 stars review on by Dan Clark

»Timely, beautifully written, and memorable.«
The  Sun Times


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